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Welcome to Bears & Buddies

Welcome to Bears and Buddies! The best tasting gummy bears - see and taste by yourself ...

Please allow us to introduce you to the kind of gummy bears you were always dreaming about: Fruity, Fresh, Full of Flavor - Gummies that have the taste of fruit and vegetables as if you have them just picked yourself a few minutes ago:
Why do they taste so much better? Because they are actually made with real fruit juice, real fruit pieces and real natural ingredients; nothing artificial, no preservatives, no artificial Random Flavor Picture coloring - these gummies are made in factories that do nothing else than gummies - and you taste this with every bite...
Other companies come into contact with, use or produce in their factories also nuts, peanuts, or other food items which can contaminate the gummies - no reason to be afraid of these issues anymore...In the factories that produce Bears and Buddies gummies this is simply not possible, because they only make gummy bears!
Our gummies are produced in Germany and are:

* applies to certain products only

Over 150 different flavors are available - give or take a few - and at we do only offer the best of the best. Random Flavor Picture Have you ever tried flavors such as beer, chili pepper, coffee, cappuccino, mango, mandarin, strawberry, black berry, raspberry or simply orange or pineapple? You may think you have - think again and become one of the millions of fans of our gummies who just indulge in them and can't get enough of them. On top of that we offer exotic flavors that simply did not exist before: Milk shake flavor, rhubarb, plum, ginger, Cuba Libre, prosecco, cherry, cola, banana, lemon, peach, cassis, yoghurt or buttermilk to name a few - check them out - "regular" or sour; we are confident you will find a flavor that will get you into heaven!

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